The happy couple !

We have been happily married for 5874 Days, 10 Hours, 8 Minutes and 38 Seconds


We are going to put the dates of the following events when confirmed:

21 January 2005 - Collected the rings
We collected the wedding rings and a little present for Claire from the HydeParkDesigns jewellers on Saturday.

19th February 2005 - Hen Party
No details yet but will include food, drink and dancing
UPDATE - Photographic evidence is available in the photo gallery

11th March 2005 - Stag Night
A little late, but probably just a few quiet drinks in with the lads.

12th March 2005 - Bridesmaids Dress Fitting
Very late in the scheme of things.  This is due to the dresses getting lost in the post !

13th March 2005 - Church Rehersal
We are having a dry run at the Church.

19th March 2005 - Ceremony
The big day !

20th March 2005 - Honeymoon
We fly out to the Maldives for our two week honeymoon.